FOCUS ON: A walk in the park @ Schuylkill River Trail

There are times when I like to go out on my own and just see what catches my eye/interest/query.  Yesterday I found myself walking from Jefferson station to the State house with nothing to capture my interest.  I was tired, hungry and losing interest.  But before I can completely lose interest I found my feet taking me to 30th st. station and alas Schuylkill River Trail was right below me.  So many times I've passed by it and never once taken the stares below to walk it.  My eye started to take on a child like interest in simple things in my surroundings.  Color, shapes, contrast.  Then later on to find myself sitting for 30 min shooting a few skaters at the skate park at the end of the trail.  It was a fun trip while it lasted.  But my interest started racing and my eyes started noticing other things and the mere design and small architectural features while on the platform waiting on my train.  It was a great day indeed. 

Schuylkill River Trail ©FOCUS by alessandro 2017

Schuylkill River Trail skate park ©FOCUS by alessandro 2017

30th st station ©FOCUS by alessandro 2017