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Photography BY Alessandro Romo

The eye should learn to listen before it looks
— Robert Frank

 About me

Alessandro Romo

     I am a single owned and operated business. Also a Unted States Marine Veteran from 1999-205.  I attended New England School of Photography in Boston.  And in my time there (and after)  I have excelled in public and private events.  Also currently expanding my business to Newborns and Maternity shoots.

 I am a photographer who strongly believes in the words"affordability", "flexibility" and "individual attention" to the client.  Having been on the receiving end as a client, I have experienced my best and worst customer service.  And it all boils down to the those 3 important words.

I started this venture in 2014 and continue offering service at affordable prices without compromising quality of images, services or affecting turnover time.  




     My FOCUS is the provide  on call, outstanding customer service at a flexible and affordable price, while still providing the most possible for the given price.